Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Letter Slipped Under The Door

Some of you may have read this week that my wife Kathleen and I have decided not to renew our lease on The Photography Room after nearly 7 years there...we're closing at the end of December. It is a wonderful space, we loved our time there and we have many accomplishments to celebrate.

But the reality is that I've always had a very busy schedule shooting commercial photography and making short films. But when push comes to shove, even I can't do me, I've tried ;)

So I was feeling a bit melancholy this week after the press releases went out and Chris Knape from The GR Press wrote a brief but very nice blog entry. I've bumped into all kinds of people this week and they have been so gracious and kind in making a point of saying that The Photography Room will be missed and it was an important part of the art world here in GR.

On Saturday, I was grabbing the mail at the gallery and found the letter pictured above slipped under the door. Although I'm not exactly sure why it's anonymous, I certainly appreciate the time it took to write me and the effort required in hand delivering to whoever wrote it...thank you.

So please join us on December 4 for a big celebration with a fantastic concert by Glen will be a very fun evening! You can order tickets here.

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Amy Young said...

Brian - I will miss your place. Not only was it important to the art community -- it was a fantastic event venue. I'm sad:-(