Saturday, January 3, 2009

portraits on Good Morning America!

I photographed Ed Dobson yesterday in my studio for an upcoming book he has coming out with Zondervan...he's an inspiring man and I'm lucky to call him friend.

To my surprise Ed emailed me today and asked if I could send a few shots off to a producer at Good Morning America...for possible inclusion in his appearance on the program tomorrow morning (1/4/09). Tune in to ABC, my understanding is that story is running around 8:15 am EST!

It's just like Ed to shoot him for an hour on Friday and not mention that he was appearing on national television on Sunday morning...instead we chatted about Obama, abortion rights and the major dust up caused by this article about him in the Grand Rapids Press.

I also shot Ed this summer as part of an ongoing documentary project I'm working on. Here's a taste of that photo session at his home in Grand Rapids:


jimkastkeat said...

great shots! I'm a huge Ed Dobson fan!

Johnny said...

Excellent pictures of Ed, Brian.


Emily Katelyn said...

I like the shot of Ed by the pool. It says something about his personality.