Saturday, August 29, 2009

ArtPrize's Rick DeVos

This week I had an hour or so with ArtPrize creator and Grand Rapids based entrepreneur Rick DeVos. ArtPrize needed new portraits to help satisfy the barrage of media requests for photos of Rick. ArtPrize is deservedly getting worldwide is Grand Rapids in its wake.

I scouted several prime (if not unusual) locations within steps of Rick's downtown office. I'll post a few more favorites as I get time...almost everything we tried seemed to work.

I'm quite proud to be officially shooting for ArtPrize and will help create a book/catalog for them during the 2+ week event...can't wait!


pedalGR said...

That first photo is fantastic!!!! I wish your battery wasn't blocking the recycle bins, though.

Ann Teliczan said...

I gotta ask, is this an HDR photo?

Brian Kelly said...

Hi does look like HDR, but it's not.