Thursday, November 12, 2009

Position filled - Spencer Mulder shoot

Well, after 3+ weeks of starts and stops in the process of hiring "One Brave Soul", I recently filled the position of project manager and client liaison. I'm very excited and will properly introduce Liz in a few days here on the blog.

I was truly overwhelmed with the number of very qualified candidates that contacted me. I received 40+ responses. Nearly all of you could have helped me in some shape or form and I deeply appreciate your interest in working with me.

So this blog's been a bit empty lately...I think I saw a tumbleweed blow through here yesterday. Here's a quick shot from a shoot I had today with future household name Spencer Mulder. I hope to post a whole backlog of projects in the next week or so here on the blog and over at my portfolio site at

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Bode said...

Waiting to hear about Liz...what is taking so long!