Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Album Cover - Brian Vander Ark

If you follow this blog you know I've been working a lot lately with singer/songwriter Brian Vander Ark. I've documented some of his studio sessions in North Carolina, dodged hunters with shot guns in the woods, and also shot a film documentary (much more on that later).

The new songs were wrapped up a couple weeks ago but we still needed to create a killer cover shot for the record. So BVA came to my studio on a Sunday night just before the New Year. We worked a few different looks and actually got more than what we needed. The session resulted in 2 other images that made the back cover and a large interior spread as well....a pretty productive evening if I say so myself!

I'd highly recommend that you pick up Brian's new album on his myspace page. It's available now! He's produced the finest album of his illustrious career. He always does West Michigan proud so here's your chance to support a national artist who calls Grand Rapids his home base!

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