Monday, January 28, 2008

"Karma Generator" - Short Film Documentary - Trailer Released

What the heck is a Karma Generator you ask?

It's a killer short film documentary that my brother Brad and I made. Last November we shot Brian Vander Ark recording his new album in the mountains of North Carolina with legendary producer Bill Szymczyk.

Here's a three minute trailer for the short film that we've titled "Karma Generator". The final film takes you behind the scenes as Brian Vander Ark poors his soul into a new record. It's an amazing document of a great singer/songwriter working.

karma generator trailer from Brad Kelly on Vimeo.
We'll officially screen the entire film before Brian Vander Ark's concert at Aquinas College Performing Art Theater on Saturday, March 22....BE THERE!


Patti said...

Hi Brian, I'm also a new blogger and Brian Vander Ark fan. I got to your blog through his website. I just bought my tickets for the March 22 concert and look forward to taking my son and my mother! Look forward to seeing the film too!

Take care,
Patti Baldwin

John O'Reilly said...

Can't wait to see the whole will folks who live too far away get to see it?

Will it be posted? Sold? Bundled with the DVD?


john from arlington

Brian Kelly said...

Hi's likely the film will be bundled with the dvd. Stay tuned for more info in April about the timeline for the dvd release. Thanks!!

madz said...
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madz said...

Love that movie daddy:-) You did a good job:-)