Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sparkle-ling out of obscurity

I started this blog on a whim last November not knowing if I would keep at it very long.  Or better yet if anyone would actually find it (much less read it).

That said, I've been amazed that people sometimes mention a specific entry when I bump into them in person. My stats page now says over 500 unique people stopped by in the last month and generated 1200+ page views. That's way more than I ever dreamed possible.

But my previous "Sparkle" post about a sign I saw in a Biggby Coffee shop illustrated how the web is both a vast wasteland AND a very, very small world at the same time.

"Sparkle" received a brief comment from the Co-founder and CEO of Biggby Coffee himself...can you imagine that? He's obviously a busy guy and focused on expanding his coffee empire (which I'm happy to help finance one cup 'o joe at a time).  He seems like a positive guy from his blog and for me it put a face to a fast growing Michigan-based franchise.

So just like that...we're connected in a small way.

I am very amused by all of this and the limitless connectivity of the web.  You never know who's out there paying attention (or stumbling upon) your site. Thanks for checking in now and then.  I'll strive to keep this little blog going.

1 comment:

Patti said...

I just thought that you knew him! That's very cool!

One of the 500 who checks in periodically to see what sparkle you have written!