Thursday, May 22, 2008

Waterfront Film Festival - Karma Generator is IN!

Holy cow...I received word today that our short film documentary called Karma Generator is an official selection of the prestigious Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck.  It will be screened twice at some point during the festival's June 12-15 run.

I wasn't sure what to expect when, on a whim, I submitted our entry a full day past the deadline (with permission).  But this feels pretty great!  My brother Brad and I worked extremely hard on it and being accepted to WFF validates our emphasis on creating more films together...because we make a pretty great team (if I say so myself).

Perhaps I'll post an entry soon about our next film project which starts shooting a little later this summer...but for now I'm tight as a drum!  All I'll say is that it's a feature length project and not a short.

So tonight I'm working on press kits for the festival and filling out a Director's questionnaire that asks me if I'm interested in boating, golfing, dune rides and jet ski's while I'm attending the festival.  Let's see...wait for it...OH YEAH!

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