Saturday, June 14, 2008

GR Press Review - Karma Generator at Waterfront Film Festival

On Saturday I attended the screening of our film Karma Generator at Waterfront Film Festival. The theater was packed and it was interesting to screen it before an audience that really had no idea what they were going to see (it was paired with an excellent film called The Linguists which was shown at Sundance a few months ago).

I noticed music/film critic John Serba of The Grand Rapids Press sitting just in front of us and had a chance to say hello before the film started.  He wrote about Karma Generator on his blog this morning. Here's a link to his very favorable review.

The audience really seemed to enjoy the film.  I relished the opportunity to grab some popcorn and be a fly on the wall and watch it with my wife Kathleen right along with everyone else.

And wouldn't you know can now purchase Karma Generator!!!  The entire film is included as bonus material on Brian Vander Ark's new live concert DVD.  This is the now infamous concert that my brother Brad and I shot for BVA at Aquinas College in March of this year.  It was a 5 camera shoot and I must say it resulted in one heckuva fine concert DVD.  Brian and the band were truly inspired and the setting was incredible.  The shoot went smoothly and it's a beautiful concert film.

The best news is that the DVD is only $17...order it here...directly from Brian Vander Ark himself.  Feel free to pick up a few dozen copies!

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