Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shooting Like Crazy!

I'm feeling pretty lucky to be so busy (really busy) over the last several months. In the last two weeks I've shot some cool projects for some pretty high profile clients.

Last week I took off with Trisha Spaulding of Integrated Architecture to document a wonderfully designed private school in Howell, Michigan. The shoot went great and I'll be shooting 4 more projects for them a little later in the summer. I've wanted to shoot for IA for a long time so this will be a LOT of fun.

And I'm currently knee deep in shooting for the Grand Rapids Community Foundation's annual report. This is a BIG project...they really go all out with their annual report photography and I was thrilled to be selected to shoot this year's report. We've already completed three shoots and have several more to go throughout July. We're taking some risks photographically (just ask my assistant Tina who was standing perilously close to edge of a tall building downtown holding a reflector...but that's why she makes the big bucks!). I'd love to post some samples here but you'll just have to wait until the AR comes out!

I'm also simultaneously working on a major project for Nucraft Furniture. Basically they've commissioned me to create large art pieces for their expanded corporate offices. I've been given free reign of their entire production area; so I get to wander around creating abstractions of all kinds of things I find. It's a major challenge but I think we're going to be able to create some very, very dynamic installations in their office...more FUN.

I'm out on vacation for a bit to recharge with my lovely family...I'll be back at it July 5. Happy America, everyone!

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