Friday, July 11, 2008

Butterball Mansion

Here's an outtake from my aerial photo shoot last week...I just took it for fun.  It shows the Butterball Mansion in East Grand Rapids (think Thanksgiving turkeys with pop-out thermometers telling you when they're done and...well...butter).  The estate has been for sale for quite some time and has simultaneously undergone extensive renovations.  I live not too far away in a dramatically...less dramatic...home about a half mile away.  I often bike or drive past the property on Plymouth Avenue (on my way to Jersey Junction for ice cream if truth be told).

I couldn't help but notice the two huge and sleek powerboats and a large, well concealed garage way in the very back of the property large enough to store them as well as additional toys.  It's a magnificent property.

I was curious to see what the asking price is and the listing at GRAR shows it's going for $2,180,000.  And although that is a sum of money I'll never get my hands on, that seems like a STEAL to me given the size of the home and location. I can't help but think that if you plunked this same home/property into suburban Chicago, Boston or Atlanta it would be $5 million or more easy.  If it were in the Hamptons in New York it would probably be well over $15 million.

So you may want to throw in a guess is the first one close to $1,900,000 gets the keys!

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aj said...

....most impressed with the parkay lawn cut patterns