Friday, October 24, 2008

The Rotunda

I had the pleasure of going with my daughter Hanna's exuberant 4th grade class to Lansing today to visit the State capitol. Although I've been to Lansing many times, I had never before been inside our Capitol Building.

It was a great tour. I was truly moved by the beauty of this building, its architecture, history and attention to detail.

I only wish our legislative and executive branches weren't so intent on polluting the process of serving the people of Michigan with personal politics and greed. The last 4 years have been an embarrassment to all that work inside this building...they've filled it full of gridlock and grand standing.

Shame on them...they don't deserve such a nice office.

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Patti said...

Very cool picture!

I've never been to the Capitol building but my son is going this week with his 4th grade class. Must be the 4th grade thing to do!

I saw you posted about the pillow fight. Next up...Zombies! I'm tempted to put on some zombie make up and tattered clothes and bring all 6 of us downtown to join the fun!