Wednesday, March 11, 2009

am I a portrait photographer?

Confession time. I used to be terrified of taking portraits...I'm not exaggerating...I was completely horrified.

This is why I turned to architectural photography early on in my career. Buildings didn't move...or think they were fat...or had a nose the size of Lyle Lovett.

But good clients have a way of extending your boundaries...and over the years the buildings turned into people...and now I shoot way more portraits than I do buildings...

...and I love it.

This photo is of Jason Sosa...he's 28...he just moved to Grand Rapids...keep an eye on him. He writes software applications for large touch screen technology that will blow your mind.

You can read about him in Rapid Growth on Thursday.


Roberta said...

I'd rather look at 10,000 photographs of people than one building image. People are complicated and it takes a talented photographer with a engaging demeanor to make people comfortable in a photograph. It shows when it works and it shows when it doesn't.

LakerTown said...

I would like to thank you for the portrait picture you took for rapid growth when they had my article. You did a very good job, and I wanted to let you know I appreciated it.