Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm sitting on it!

How did I make it through June without really posting anything here? Well...I can tell you it wasn't because I didn't want to share some highlights of some great projects I've been working on.

In fact it's been KILLING me lately not to be posting more recent favorites...I've been working with some very creative people and I've been given an awful lot of freedom to shoot things however I want. But for now, for one reason or another, these photographs are still "under wraps" by the client.

That's pretty don't want to leak anything on a blog and erode the potential impact for the client.

That said...I've been very busy...and I'm particularly excited about recent work I shot for Lux Land, Karisa Wilson, Spencer Mulder, The Grand Rapids Community Foundation and the list goes on. Not to mention film projects for Ralston Bowles, Disability Network and MomentumMI.

I've also been involved in one of the most ambitious, creative and fun projects I've ever shot for Wondergem Consulting...we're still shooting this one off and on all summer. By the fall this tiger should be ready to be unleashed. And no, Chris Knape..."tiger" is NOT a hidden clue! :)

Although I woudn't mind shooting a tiger...with a camera...any one have a tiger?


julie h said...

Excited to see more!

webervyn said...

Where is this picture taken? I want to go there!