Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Inspiring Photographers - part one

Yesterday I was itching to discover new work to admire and be inspired by.

So on Twitter and Facebook I asked photographers to tell me who inspires them. I'm still sifting through some fantastic work and links. Thanks everybody for chipping in.

A few people asked me to share which photographers inspire me.

So I'll speak to inspiration...and not necessarily influences on my work. Here's a list in no particular order...perhaps I'll post more later:

James Nachtwey - purpose like no other. I'm glad I have not witnessed what he has documented

Hiroshi Watanabe - (photo above) My good friend, Hiroshi...he's the Japanese Cartier-Bresson...only better. There is a hard to describe formality to his street photography. I was honored to attend his wedding in Hawaii a few years ago.

Katie Barnes - young, emerging, highly talented, she documents everything...she'll be a household name in 10 pressure, Katie!

Mark Seliger - One of the best careers forged from music, celebrities and editorial work.

Annie Leibovitz - I greatly admire the deliberateness of her portraiture, although I'm not always fond of her work...I've learned a great deal by looking at her career.

Anton Corbijn - U2's longtime photographer and friend of the band. He also works in film and that's where I find myself migrating. Although his latest film "Linear" for U2 was the most awful thing I've ever watched...literally...but I still love you, Anton.

I'll add more artists later...feel free to send me your favorite photographers!

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katie said...

brian, i'm flattered! and likely the only time i'll be on the same list with nachtwey and leibovitz... i'm going out for a drink tomorrow night to celebrate! ;)