Monday, October 12, 2009

ArtPrize-Behind the Scenes-Interview with Young Kim

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Young Kim on Saturday for the official ArtPrize book that will be coming out later.

As you know, there was a HUGE buzz about Young's installation at 47 Commerce...(here's the first video Josh and I made about his work). It seemed to be the one piece everyone was talking about and most felt strongly that Young Kim deserved to be in the Top 10. Fortunately, he was recognized with a $5000 Curators Award by UICA at the ArtPrize awards ceremony on Thursday night.

I think you'll like Young Kim even more after listening to him talk about his work, his experiences in Grand Rapids and ArtPrize.


janayjb said...

Awesome Brian. Good questions, good dialogue and Young Kim not only has impressive work, but also seems to be equally as impressive as a person. Thanks for highlighting him!

brushpig said...

Brian, I enjoyed your videos as much as artprize itself. Thank you for sharing. I was fortunate enough to meet Young Kim as he was sweeping away his images. I think it was shortly after you interviewed him. I didn't want to keep him so I cut my questions short, only to find you asking them in this video. Thanks. Good work. Can't wait to see the official artprize book. Keep up the good work.

katie said...

nice stuff brian... this guy's work was amazing indeed. not sure if the camera was in fact on a tripod, but the interviews seemed to sway a bit! easiest thing you can do to make video interviews look professional is to screw that camera onto something stable! ;)