Saturday, October 3, 2009

ArtPrize-Less Videos = More Photo Shoots!

I've been blown away by how many people have tuned into this blog and watched our videos over the last week and a half...literally thousands and thousands of people. Josh (my assistant) and I have been having a blast putting these together and we're very pleased that you are enjoying and sharing them with others.

Many people have come up to me on the street and said "you're the ArtPrize video guy," or "we love the videos you're doing for ArtPrize."

But just to clarify one logical assumption you may have; I am not being paid by ArtPrize to produce these videos, nor have I ever discussed with ArtPrize what the subject matter of my videos would or wouldn't be. I am doing these videos purely out of excitement for ArtPrize and my unabashed love of Grand Rapids.

The only reason I spend so much of my own time (and my own money) producing these videos is because I have 100% creative control of what I want to say and what I want to show you about ArtPrize.

We'll try to do a few more videos as time allows this week...but we may not be able to produce as many due to one major project that I actually am being paid by ArtPrize to produce.

ArtPrize has commissioned me to document the Top 25 pieces of art as well as take a unique portrait of each of the Top 25 artists. These photos will be used for an upcoming official ArtPrize book/catalogue that will be released later.

So this week will be a mad dash of scrambling to locate artists, see who's in town and hopefully make some incredible images that will honor the artists, their work and ArtPrize.

So stay tuned...keep checking back here for more behind the scenes content of some of my photo shoots for ArtPrize...still photography of some incredible artists and their art!


Joe Force said...

Great job Brian! I checked your site daily and told everyone who would listen to visit. It was definitely a highlight for me and I hope you do it again next year!

Yolanda Gonzalez said...

who is doing the book for the top 25 controversial artist? I kid.

Tommy Allen Art said...

That is a great idea, Yo.

Someone already loves my moniker for the gang:


We need photos taken fast and this week. You in?


suydam said...

I'd buy the controversial book, and the "top 25" book. They'd probably both be equally cool.

Ann Teliczan said...

Great work, and congratulations on the commission too!