Saturday, November 17, 2007

Brian Vander Ark - North Carolina

Here's a couple photographs I took with Brian this morning. We had to scramble down a small ridge and dodge some hunters with dogs (and shot guns) to get to this location. The large rocks and morning sun peaking over the ridge made this particular shot work well.

Here's another shot close to Bill Szymczyk's house...there's a cool old mine near there. We tried a few things with the mine in the background but we both weren't really feeling it. So instead I put the sun right behind Brian's head to create a dramatic portrait.


Anonymous said...

These 2 photos are captivating - very warm and sincere. You do beautiful work. Oh... Brian looks pretty good too :)

Brian Kelly said...

Cool, thanks so much for your comments.

I actually have to work pretty hard to get BVA to look like a rock star...hmmmm...okay, no.

Brian is usually up for anything (unless there are mountain people nearby with shot guns)...he's a joy to shoot.