Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back to Photography - Workshops!

Whew...I've definitely felt more like a music promoter than a photographer recently. I'm certainly not complaining but...HOLY COW...the last couple months of concerts, film premieres and shooting a concert DVD had me wondering where my fantastic day job had gone!

Actually, photography didn't really slow down at all, I just added concerts to my plate of fun things to do. Crazy? Yes...but FUN!

But it did get me thinking about other FUN things...I still get a pretty steady stream of emails this time each year inquiring about whether I'll be doing more of our popular summer photography workshops. But my busy schedule the last 2 summers had put these fun gatherings to talk and take photographs on hiatus.

So I'm excited to make a pre-announcement (is there such a thing?) about some very limited night photography workshops I'll be organizing in June and August. Basically our workshops go like this:

1. We meet at the gallery for an hour to look at some night photographs I've taken as well as go over some technical tips for shooting in the dark
2. And then, Viola! We head out into the night for 3 hours of shooting the lighted bridges, museums and hotels along the Grand River.
3. I'm your personal guide and instructor...and I bounce around from participant to participant chatting and helping you make great night images.

Sound FUN? If so, just shoot me an email at and I'll make sure you get first dibs on the information and scheduled obligation. I'll probably only do a total of 4 workshops this whole summer so we should have a good turnout for each.  Oh, and even if you're not interested, pass along this page link to a friend who's a shutterbug!

I should be able to roll out the official dates next week stay tuned!

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