Saturday, April 19, 2008

Night Photography Workshops - Dates Announced

Here we go!  After a long two-year absence, I'm very pleased to announce two special night photography workshops this summer.  We'll be shooting two different stretches of the river downtown in case anyone is interested in attending both workshops.  

If you know someone who might enjoy shooting with me, please pass this link along to them. My workshops are open to all skill levels (beginners to advanced amateur).  Here are the dates:

Sunday, June 8
7:30-11:30 PM
Location: Museum Row, Lighted Bridges and Hotels along the Grand


Sunday, August 3
7:30 - 11:30 PM
Location: 6th Street Bridge and Fish Ladder

Group sizes are small; only 15 participants in each class.  The cost is $75 for each workshop and includes some refreshments.  A tripod is necessary and the workshop is open to both digital and film cameras.  After you sign-up I'll email you a detailed itinerary and further instructions.

Our workshops go like this, we meet at the gallery for the first hour to discuss technique, exposure and composition.  Then we head out as a group to the pre-determined location to shoot the sunset and then full blown night images as it gets progressively darker.

It's a ton of fun!  I'm your guide and personal instructor, bouncing from student to student chatting and helping you make some really cool images at night!

Give it a try!   Send me an email to reserve your space soon.

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Kim Hayes said...

Brian - My husband is interested in joining one of your night classes. I've tried linking to your email but it won't go through. If you could please email us information and sign him up for your earliest class we'd appreciate it. Email - His name is John Hayes. Thanks - Kim