Thursday, August 28, 2008

Emma's Photos

I haven't photographed many senior portraits over my career. This has been more or less by design. I know quite well that any specialty area within photography requires your full attention...and I've mostly stuck to my established niches (architecture, advertising, editorial, fine art).

But recently I had the pleasure of photographing Emma. Her father is a good client of mine (I shoot buildings for him) and they asked if I might consider doing some outside the box shooting for Emma's senior portraits...the idea of which I found very intriguing.

Neither of us were interested in creating typical senior portraits...and we agreed we liked the idea of approaching it like a fashion shoot. Here's a sampling...Emma was great and we had a BLAST:


JK Photography said...

Love these, they turned out great Brian!!
Can't wait to see more of the Rockette's too :)

Brian Kelly said...

thanks, was fun!

Anonymous said...

Emma is my cousin and i love these pics of her! YOu did a great job...amazing job!!!!!
Korrie Wilhelm