Friday, August 22, 2008

Justice and Monroe (Starsky and Hutch)

My brother Brad was in town recently, we're working on some film projects together. One day we walked by the Justice and Monroe building in downtown GR.  Locals sometimes refer to it as the flatiron building...or even the "Blake's Turkey" building (named after the lunchtime hotspot on the 1st floor).

My brother...upon seeing the name "Justice and Monroe"...immediately conjured up a concept for a TV series.

Picture two tough Grand Rapids based private eyes...they have an office in the Justice and Monroe building. 

One guy is named...Justice.

The other guy is named...(get this)...Monroe. 

Sorta like Starsky and Hutch...or Tango and Cash.

The guys don't get along very well. Justice loves turkey sandwiches and has a serious jones for Blake's Turkey downstairs. Monroe can't stand turkey, he's a vegan and turkey makes him sick.

Ironically, Monroe (the vegan) is also the sole heir to the enormous Butterball Turkey fortune...and he lives in The Butterball Mansion.  His character is deeply conflicted and richly rooted in Grand Rapids high society.

...and then the fun ensues.

As of now the pilot has not been picked up...imagine.


BradKellyFilms said...

And, as I recall, Monroe--the vegan, lives in the Butterball mansion and is the conflicted heir to the Butterball turkey fortune.

A very rich vein of irony that could be mined right into syndication, my friend!

I can't believe this hasn't been green lit yet. Doesn't Hollywood realize they'll get 40% back right off the top if they pick this thing up and run with it!?!

(Nice photo by the way.)

Brian Kelly said...

Ah...I did forget that Monroe was the Butterball turkey heir. I'll amend the post.

This is why you make the big bucks...your characters are so richly complicated.