Friday, September 12, 2008

Rockettes at the Calder!

I just might have the most interesting job ever. The last few days are an example why.

Last week I shot some incredible penthouses for Rapid Growth Media published in this article.

On Tuesday I shot some INSANE window cleaners from the helipad of the JW Marriott for Rapid Growth Media...check out the article here.

On Wednesday I spent the morning shooting for the Radio City Rockettes. I just put a couple more shots up on my regular web site here.

Not a bad gig if you can get it...I'm very lucky to have such amazing clients.

Oh, and next week I'm shooting a story on skydiving in West Michigan for Rapid Growth...jeronimooooooooo!!


webervyn said...

WOW! I just finished catching up on your blog and you have the coolest job. I wouldn't give up shaping the minds of the future, but I would love to spend a week in your shoes! Sounds so exciting and glamorous!

Brian Kelly said...

Thanks, Stephanie...I've had an usual run to be sure.

And your job impacts kids pressure!