Monday, September 8, 2008

Wind farms...soon please!

About a month ago I was driving with the family across Indiana to my grandmother's house for her 90th B-day (go Grams!)...and came upon a HUGE wind farm.  It was amazing and there were what seemed like HUNDREDS of them. Crews were actively putting up more in what were basically corn and bean fields.

I couldn't help but think we are so incredibly STUPID here in Michigan not to invest in this simple technology more aggressively.  

Why do we allow ugly cell towers everywhere but not these elegant windmills?  The foot print isn't much bigger than what a cell tower requires.

Wind is free, and renewable; there will be more wind tomorrow (I promise). Plus no one will kill anyone for it...or have to scar the earth or oceans transporting it.

Please...please...please do this now...end rant.


Fabers said...

yo dude - check out

4 of these monsters are going in around the corner from my father-in-law's place in McBain, MI

First one is up and ready to start cranking.

Brian Kelly said...

that's great...4 of those combined would power 3000+ homes.

Makes me want to move to McBain.