Thursday, September 24, 2009

ArtPrize-Behind the Scenes-Rick DeVos

A quick look behind the scenes as Rick DeVos officially kicked off ArtPrize...already easily the most significant cultural event ever in Grand Rapids.

My assistant Josh and I will keep bringing you more behind the scenes footage and photos of interesting things we find during ArtPrize.


pedalGR said...

Haha, is it bad that my favorite part of this whole video is when the Toilet Trike rolls by in the background at :28 seconds in? I LOVE ArtPrize!! (Toilet Trike race on 9/25, 6pm at Lafontsee Galleries, 820 Monroe)

P.S. I am not affiliated with the Dufala Bros. or the Toilet Trikes, but I am definitely a fan!

Anonymous said...

What is the Twitter ID on your shirt? It doesn't look like yours.

Brian Kelly said...

Hi pedalGR...that is also my favorite part of the video...the random craziness on the streets of GR. I'll be posting a Toilet Trikes video later today.