Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ArtPrize-Young Kim like a Rocket!

Young Kim was actually in the Top 50 ArtPrize artists before Josh and I produced this video bringing more attention to his work in a venue off the beaten ArtPrize path. I'm now an unabashed believer that Kim's work is deserving to be in the Top 10...and possibly win all of ArtPrize.

He's now in the top 25...keep voting...keep talking...keep advocating for ALL the artists you feel deserve to be in the Top 10.

Here's another opinion published on Facebook by Rachel Van Dyke making a case as to why Young Kim's work is so special and pertinent to the conversation of ArtPrize:

"young kim,-as a total installation, it is beautiful, it moves you to walk amongst the pieces of art and examine them carefully, his choice of location, colors, and set up were all very fitting to express his work. And his actual artwork is sensitive, using traditional and contemporary techniques. I judge by skill and meaning making and his achieved both. He made it specifically for ARTPRIZE as well." - Rachel Van Dyke


Scott Gundersen said...

Young Kim has an awesome and moving piece... I love it, as a fellow artprize artist I would love to see You Kim win. He has my vote and I feel he is very deserving.

BrassWind Gallery said...

So close, we were standing at Sheldon and Weston? After watching your video I know I MUST go back to see Young Kim's work, we just could not find it after visiting the big red ball. ArtPrize has been a great experience and we hope to continue making great contacts and sharing the experience with others even after the top 10 has been picked. We have been showing at Michigan and Division just 3 blocks from the Federal Building yet might as well be in the next town. I hope you might wander over to see The Healing Touch exhibit by Ron Head - sculpture that elegantly explores how when we touch the heart of another with compassion we become healers and how are guardian angels protect us. 7 Sculptures with angels including a firefighter from 911, a soldier and more.

Anonymous said...

Brian, thank you for the video. I had limited time in Grand Rapids and missed this beautiful work. Your video brought it to me.

I have been following your videos...good work and thank you.

Anonymous said...

I was headed to see a piece at Open Concept Gallery on evening 2 of ArtPrize. Due to construction, I walked right by the place and ended up on Commerce by pure accident. I walked into 47 Commerce drawn by the serene glow of the bare bulbs. I was with 2 others and we ceased all conversation as we entered the building. We were the only visitors. There was a distant sound of waves crashing, a methodic rumble from the generator, but ultimately---silence. We walked among the rows of images--strangers from our home town. It was like when you wander through a graveyard wondering if you know the next person as you read the tombstones. Do I know this face? Are they sleeping? Are they dead? The generator sound made me think of a hospital-- the machinery keeping the images alive. The waves comforted me that they were merely meditating, not sick. Not dead. Then the host of the venue told me they were made of salt and earth. I saw one square that had been brushed by a careless observer, revealing the materials used. AMAZING.

I returned on afternoon 10 of ArtPrize. The room was full. No crashing waves. The generator was muffled by the voices of the crowd there to see the piece. The room was lit by daylight. Many of the squares had been touched by accident and on purpose. The piece had a new life, a new look. Again, stunning, but totally different than when I saw it in the beginning.

I will return on the last night of ArtPrize to say goodbye to the piece that brought me to tears that is the winner in my mind. Thank you for the wonderful video so I could share it with those who were not fortunate enough to experience it.

All American Packaging said...

Young Kim is an incredible artist and proudly one of our own.