Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spencer Mulder photo shoot

Spencer Mulder is an extremely talented singer/songwriter based in Grand Rapids that sites Ryan Adams as a major influence. There's a lot of buzz about his upcoming sophomore album and that it might be the one that breaks him national. But if it doesn't happen now at age 19, he's got plenty of time to wait for the big time to come to him.

I had a great studio session with Spencer in June to produce the cover of the new album as well as jacket art. All the old tape and cassettes were actually Spencer and his producer Michael Crittenden's idea.

The new CD is out on September 13. There's a release party/concert is at The Intersection on the same day. I'll be there!

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katie said...

nice... the cassette stuff is a good idea, you've gotta hand it to them! i love the third shot here. still feels posed, but a better moment than the typical thing. nice!