Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fashion Shoot Post #2 - Paper Dresses

This was one memorable shoot...and the photos/wardrobe featured in this post were only a part of many talented people worked very hard to mutually pull off something (hopefully) special. Many of you have asked me who the shoot was for and why it took place. Interesting story:

Julie Strating and I started casually chatting at a Christmas Party for our friends at StoryTelling Pictures...and the next thing you know we agreed to collaborate on a major fashion shoot to benefit our mutual portfolios. I'll give you the whole back story of how (and why) this came to be with my next post.

These amazing paper dresses were designed and created by fashion designer/artist Claudia Petrelli. Claudia is from Grand way of Bucharest, Romania. Thank you, Claudia!

Here's the rest of the hard working crew...amazing job by everyone.

Julie Strating: Make-up Artist
Erin Brown: Hair Stylist
Natasha Ohlman: Fashion and Set Stylist

Jon "JC" Cunningham: Male Model
Alexandra Rush: Female Model (of Ford Models in New York City)
Christine Praniewicz: Female Model (of Matthew Agency of Grand Rapids)

Brian Kelly: Photographer

Josh Tyron: Lead Assistant
Elizabeth Mikrut: Producer/2nd Assistant

Location: Wealthy Theater - Grand Rapids, Michigan (thank you, Erin for all your help!)

A big thanks to my crew of Josh and always have my back...and the sandwiches.

One more blog post about this shoot coming later...more photos too!


Jen: JK Photography said...

Awesome Brian!! Love this shoot!

Deborah said...

Brian, really nice. Love the poses, facial expressions, backgrounds, and of course the amazing paper dresses. Exquisite is a word that comes to mind.
Deborah J W

Kelly Q. said...

Wow, those are some amazing photos!

Jonathan said...

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The Official Awsker Katzin Blog Spot said...

I just found your blog today... i've been going through most of your work, but I gotta say... this is one of my favorites!

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I just love these pictures! are very well done! I love the model's hair! given a lot of presence!

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I love the theme of this photo shoot!

Elliott Broidy said...

Paper? How creative!