Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wondergem Staff Photos

Grand Rapids based Wondergem Consulting undertook one of the longer term photography projects I've ever worked on...and it was a total blast. We shot over the course of 4 months starting in June of last year.

The project consisted of creating unique portraiture of each their staff as well as a selection of their blue chip client list for their brand new web site. We shot on helipads, pedi-cabs and everywhere in between!

Above are some of the staff photographs...and I'll post some of their client portraits later in the week!


Tommy said...

I think these are some of your very best work.


Natasha Ohlman said...

The bike taxi image is SWEET!!

katie said...

love the second shot with the golf club!!

paigehermreckphoto said...

These were GREAT portraits!! So much character and color in them- super inspiring. Thank you!

Oli Sari-Goerlach said...

These are awesome! great work