Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Fonz, Radio Interviews and Chaplow

It's been an extremely busy week and a bit unusual. I taped two in depth radio interviews this week with Brian Vander Ark to promote our film Karma Generator that is screening before the BVA concert on March 22 at Aquinas I had a busy week of shooting for various clients.

The first show we taped was for a fantastic program on WCYE (88.1) called Local Resonance with host Kevin Murphy. It will air Friday, March 21 at 11 am (you can stream it online if you're not in tune in!) . BVA played two songs from the new album and we all chatted about the film and what went into it. We taped the interview at Michael Crittenden's Mackinaw Harvest Studios right here in GR...that's an amazing studio complete with fireplaces and a lodge-like interior. It was good to meet Michael as I've been a fan of his band Troll for Trout...not often does it take a decade to bump into another artist right here in good ol' GR but in Michael's case it did.

The second interview was with Shelley Irwin on WGVU radio (88.5). Shelley hosts a great morning program that airs weekdays at 9 am (I'll find out exactly what day we're on). Shelley just won her 5th consecutive Gracie Award which is a national award for broadcasting excellence in public radio (I believe). She's a pro...very insightful and smooth. It seemed like we chatted for 20 minutes or so and BVA played two acoustic songs.

Rounding out the week for me was hanging out with Henry Winkler (The Fonz, baby!). He was an inspiring and very genuine guy. Mr. Winkler was helping to raise money for teaching scholarships at Aquinas College and I was documenting his visit for the college. And no...I didn't give him a thumbs up or ask him to jump a shark tank with his motorcycle...although that would have been frickin' sweet.

I also shot an absolutely beautiful home on Reeds Lake with uber-hot interior designer Kathryn Chaplow. Her work is gaining national recognition and she's had her homes featured in national magazines (even a cover spread in Home!)

Quite a week...I wonder what's in store for next week?

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