Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ArtPrize-Behind the Scenes - Get out the VOTE!

Today is the last day of voting and artists with the most UP votes will be launched into the coveted the Top 10...so get out there and make your votes count...there's a ton of prize money on the line!

So VOTE UP for the pieces you think are deserving of a shot at $449,000 in prize money!!


LiveStatue said...

Brian - I have not been able to leave my venue to see all the other art. Your video was almost like being there - Thank you!

Eric Daigh said...

Yeah, agreed. I did not see Young Kim when I was down last weekend, and you captured it beautifully. Same for all your other spots. Well done.
-Eric Daigh

Brian Kelly said...

Thanks, Eric and LiveStatue...and thanks for your energy and contributions in making artprize such a vibrant experience.